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  1. Hi Carmen, just spoken to Keith – he told me about this blog. I am really impressed – it’s brilliant there is so much in Europe to see and do, it’s like a vast kaleidoscopic playground compared to the US and Australia. Am in Oz now and I am happy, but when we visit Sydney and Melbourne, somehow it’s more of the same kind of coffee shops, things to see and do – very homogenous. I spend a lot of time in the States with Isla, and America is a little more diverse, but topography isn’t enough to maintain interest for me. Compared to a quick trip to St Petersberg or Bologna or Thessalonika, each wildly different and a totally different experience to any other city. You seem to be really highlighting that sense of travelling for experience and diversity, no wonder it is taking off. I am going to tell people to read it

    I tried to do a blog, but not technically competent enough, and not enough time. I only started because I kept reading the same bad list of “10 places to eat in Athens” the same old list of the worst or most expensive tavernas. So I wrote up good places ( I actually believe the best value brilliant contemporary cooking is in Athens – emphasis on value here) but no journalists seem to know where they are – it was eatinathens.wordpress but have done nothing for a year.

    anyway – next time you are down here, call in again
    much love and congratulations on your marriage

    • Hi Elspeth,

      So glad you like our blog 🙂

      I agree – Europe is really diverse and a brilliant place to explore. I love how you can just hop on a train and in an hour (give or take) you’re immersed in another culture and language. I can’t wait to explore the US (one day); it’ll be interesting to see how it compares.

      You should do a guest post for us – you’re so knowledgeable about Athens, it’d be great to get a local’s point of view on the food.

      Much love,

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