My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List – please vote for us!

by Carmen Allan-Petale

What is your dream? What do you want more than anything else in the world? For some it’s to live in a mansion. For others it’s to own the best wardrobe.

For me and Dave, it’s travelling the world.

Of course, travelling doesn’t come for free which is probably why we haven’t spent our lives travelling indefinitely. (Although we do hope to get there someday.)

So when we saw My Destination’s competition – Biggest Baddest Bucket List – where you can win six months’ free travel to your bucket list locations, we knew we had to enter.

Not only do My Destination and its partners pay for your six month adventure, at the end of your tour they give you $50,000. Yes, that’s right, $50,000. You can spend it on whatever you want but for me and Dave (if either of us were to win) we’d spend it on more travelling.

But there’s a catch.

Over the six months, during which time you’re expected to visit at least 25 destinations (which means moving to a new spot once a week) you have to promote the location via blogging and social media.

Dave and I do this anyway and we LOVE it (as you all know) so this certainly seems like it’d be a dream come true.

So without further delay, please find our entries below. Please vote for us by sharing our entries on as many social media channels as you possibly can.

My entry can be found here.

Dave’s entry can be found here.

Thank you – please wish us luck!



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