Photo Essay: The Eden Project, Cornwall

We were lucky enough to visit The Eden Project when we were in Cornwall this week and were amazed by the innovation that had been created in the space. Built in an old clay quarry, The Eden’s Project’s aim is to teach people about renewable energy. It’s like a Disney World for nature lovers.

*Stay tuned for our video!*

sculpture at Eden Project

A sculpture made out of recycled rubbish such as computers and TVs

chef at Eden Project

A chef cooks up hand made Cornish pies

Mushroom fungi at Eden Project

Mushroom fungi growing in the rainforest part of The Eden Project

Red flower at Eden Project

A beautiful red flower growing in the rainforest section of the Eden Project

Baobab juice

Slurping on baobab juice in the rainforest exhibit

Flowers at Eden Project

Another stunning flower in the rainforest

dionysus at Eden Project

Dionysus – the God of wine – in the Mediterranean section of The Eden Project


The Eden Project. The dome on the left is the rainforest exhibit and on the right is the Mediterranean dome.

bumblebee at The Eden Project

The bumblebee sculpture, complete with grass for fur/hair

The Eden Project was kind enough to give us complimentary tickets but as always, our views are our own.

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